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Sleeping positions

Sleeping on your back

  • The pillow shouldn't be too thick or too thin, to avoid a bend in your cervical spine.
  • Your arms are resting next to your body.
  • Your knees can be supported by a knee roll or a folded blanket


Sleeping on your side

  • Lie on one side, make sure your pillow fills the room between your ear and your shoulder so that your neck stays straight.
  • Have the knees slightly bend, if indicated put a cushion between your knees.
  • Or have the lower leg straight and the upper leg bend with the knee resting on a pillowin front of your pelvis.
  • If needed rest your upper arm on a cushion in front of your chest to avoid stress on your shoulder blade muscles.


Sleeping on your front

  • In case of discomfort of your neck region sleeping on your front is not recommended.
  • If you decide to sleep on your front make sure you will turn your head to both sides.
  • It's better to have no or a very small pillow to avoid a bend in your cervical spine.


During the night the body changes positions involuntary, therefore you can only have an impact of in the beginning. The body usually adjusts disadvantageous positions.


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